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British born Zizi Donohoe studied footwear design at Cordwainers at the University of the Arts London. After finishing her BA degree in 2015, where she was the youngest student in the history of the course to graduate with first class honors, she relocated to Hollywood via New York, where she founded Zizi Donohoe in December 2016.


Working from her Los Angeles based studio, Zizi channels an obsession with Old Hollywood glamour and the opulence and excess of the eighties, inviting her audience to enjoy an updated take on traditional luxury.

Praised by Vogue for the “elegance and timelessness” of her designs, Zizi has amassed an impressive global clientele of celebrities, philanthropists and real women alike, her pieces can be found at Moda Operandi and Galeries Lafayette Champs Élysées.


Her indulgent designs utilize only the finest of sustainable, couture-grade silk and responsibly sourced, certified saga mink and fox in custom seasonal colours. Sourcing fur exclusively from Sagafurs where strict and comprehensive animal welfare legislation is practiced, ensuring exceptional animal care alongside premium quality fur and longevity. The long life time, reusability and biodegradable nature of fur further reinforce the diverse and sustainable properties of the material.

Zizi Donohoe has made championing sustainability within the luxury fashion market a priority. Using only natural renewable materials and fabrics within her line, she strives to create conscious, fabulous and responsible pieces without sacrificing quality. Extending the message of sustainability to all aspects of the brand, Zizi Donohoe is proud use to reusable, recyclable, deluxe packaging.


Moving away from the traditional fashion calendar business model in 2019, Zizi chooses to promote a core collection of elevated wearable silhouettes and accessories with seasonal limited edition capsule collections. Thus eliminating over-production and waste so often seen within the fashion industry.


By 2019 Zizi has been featured in Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, L’Officiel, Footwear News, CR Fashion Book and Paper Magazine with Tatler naming her as a key creative figure in the 2019 “Young British Hollywood” issue. Founding her creative agency Zizi Donohoe Corp, she operates as an artistic director, photographer and modern muse. Embracing glamour and irreverence, her style has been described as “pure unadulterated 80’s Beverly Hills chic” by the Coveteur.